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September 22, 2012
Dear Friends and Supporters of The Helen Caldicott Foundation and NuclearFreePlanet.org: Do you know we have a radio show, IfYouLoveThisPlanet.org? We would like you to listen. For the many wonderful followers of If You Love This Planet Radio- who already listen to and share our broadcasts, we are asking you now to help us continue our work:
I want to share with you the encouraging response to If You Love This Planet, which has become a powerful media presence in its first four years.  As we produce our fifth year of programming, I am very enthusiastic about the difference the radio show is making.
Since July 2008, If You Love This Planet has delivered vitally important educational programming whose in-depth content is found nowhere else on the airwaves or the Internet.  My weekly radio series is now heard on over 75 stations in the U.S., Canada and Australia, offering a full, uninterrupted hour of dialogue with one expert on the world’s major public health dangers.  Many other listeners hear the show on ifyoulovethisplanet.org.
If You Love This Planet is the only international radio series that regular addresses the hazards of nuclear weapons and nuclear power, two urgent topics which are often censored or distorted in major media.  The radio show is a key tool for The Helen Caldicott Foundation to achieve its goal of ridding the world of nuclear weapons and nuclear power.  My guests and I regularly connect the dots between nuclear energy and nuclear arms, exposing the horrific truth about these lethal technologies and underlining how money spent on bombs and deadly power plants squanders precious dollars that should – must – be used to reduce global warming in carbon-free and nuclear-free ways.
If You Love This Planet is also the only radio program which covers global warming from a physician’s perspective, as human-induced climate change joins nuclear weapons and nuclear power as one of the top three threats to human existence.  We also cover toxic pollution, deforestation, species extinction, uranium mining, and endangered oceans, plus subjects like health care in the U.S. and how large corporations destroy the environment.  And we regularly teach listeners about truly green, renewable energy and how to respect nature and live healthier lives.
My lineup of guests is outstanding.  Just in the last year, I have interviewed Arnold Gundersen on the Fukushima meltdowns, Mary Olson on women’s vulnerability to atomic radiation, Amory Lovins on the future of renewable power, Seymour Hersh on the media’s role in U.S. war-making, Dr. Arjun Makhijani on solar power, Ronnie Cummins on safeguarding healthy food against genetic engineering, Michel Chossudovsky on targeting Iran for another oil war, Reese Halter on endangered honeybees and global warming, Anne Steinemann on toxic fragrances, Alan Robock on nuclear winter, Robert Moore on algae biofuels, Martin Sheen on antinuclear activism, Susan Greenfield on technology and young people’s brains, and Lexi Shultz on Republican efforts to block global warming legislation.
More and more listeners hear If You Love This Planet on their local station or on our website, ifyoulovethisplanet.org.  Since 2010, website traffic has increased dramatically from 40,000 site visits a month to an average of 275,000 monthly site visits today.  Positive listener feedback for the program is also on the rise; we often receive comments such as these from listeners:  “Dr. Caldicott is an extraordinary personality and speaker and the IYLTP programs are wonderful ... entertaining and informative;” «“[A] heartfelt “Thank you so much!” for producing IYLTP … What a refreshing breath of intellectually insightful ‘air’!” « “ To really get unbiased and truthful dope on THE MEDIA itself is astounding.  We need more of this.” « “Thank you for all the wonderful work you are doing to promote a safe, clean energy future.”
But, we are not resting on our laurels.  The work of the radio program is more important than ever.  As I write this, President Obama and Mitt Romney are each reiterating their stance that “military force” – in other words, full-scale war – is a legitimate way to confront Iran’s alleged (but nonexistent) nuclear weapons program.  The U.S. and Israel could use nuclear weapons if they attack Iran, which would inflame tensions with Russia.  With 95% of the world’s nuclear weapons, the U.S. and Russia are still poised to engage in nuclear war and end life on Earth.  Obama broke his campaign promise to take nuclear weapons off hair-trigger alert.  He is overseeing a new nuclear weapons buildup and record military spending, belying his commitment to nuclear disarmament.  While Romney, chillingly, has stated that America’s biggest enemy now is Russia.
The catastrophic multiple meltdowns at Fukushima should mean the end of nuclear power.  Nearly one million people have died as a result of the Chernobyl meltdown, according to multiple Russian scientific studies translated by the New York Academy of Sciences.  The risk of a major meltdown like Fukushima somewhere in America continues to grow.  Yet the U.S. nuclear power industry continues to brainwash the public that nuclear energy is safe, and a solution to global warming to boot – a complete fallacy.  For the first time in three decades, two new nuclear power plants are being built in the U.S.  Both Obama and Romney strongly support nuclear power.
Global warming is escalating far past scientists’ worst predictions as we see record temperatures, staggering droughts, extreme storms, unprecedented fires and the melting of Arctic ice sheets.  Yet the Obama White House and a corporate-bribed Congress refuse to take any meaningful action to reduce global warming.  Candidate Romney, if he becomes president, would abolish the Environmental Protection Agency, for starters.  Just as disturbingly, the ability of large corporations and billionaires to not just influence but practically buy elections is now guaranteed by the Citizens United decision.
My commitment to bringing all of these critical issues to light is unwavering.  The need to educate the American and international public to take a much larger role in determining the fate of the Earth has never been greater, if we are to have a sane future, or any future at all.
With these facts in mind, I ask you to support our crucial work by giving as much money as you can.  I am looking for saints who can contribute $10,000 a year for five years, as well as angels who could make a five-year commitment at the $5,000 level.  These annual donations will allow If You Love This Planet to greatly expand the reach of the radio program and its proven ability to teach listeners to fight nuclear weapons, nuclear power, and global warming.  Your contribution of $1,000 or $500 will make an enormous difference in covering the costs of staffing, equipment, telephones and research associated with putting the program on the air and publicizing it widely.
For all donations of at least $100, I will send you come November a signed copy of the forthcoming The New Press book Loving This Planet, a wonderful collection of over two dozen If You Love This Planet conversations including Chris Hedges, Lily Tomlin, Bill McKibben, Daniel Ellsberg, and Maude Barlow (see more information below).  Your donation in any amount is tax-deductible.  Checks can be made out to “The Helen Caldicott Foundation” and mailed to the address above.  You can also visit ifyoulovethisplanet.org, where we have a secure credit card donation link set up through Network for Good on the “Support this Broadcast” page.  Rest assured that your contribution will be gratefully appreciated and put to very good use!  With our low overhead and small staff, we can ensure that each and every donation we receive counts.   We cannot do this work without the financial support of people like you.
If you choose, your donation can fund all or any project(s) of The Helen Caldicott Foundation.  On March 11 and 12, 2013, we will convene a landmark symposium, The Medical and Ecological Consequences of Fukushima, at the New York Academy of Medicine.  This conference will bring together doctors, scientists, government officials and journalists who will present uncensored documentation about the known and projected effects of the Fukushima meltdowns as reported in Japan and throughout the Northern Hemisphere.  We plan to draw the attention of major media around the world.  If You Love This Planet will broadcast highlights of several conference presentations.
For a healthy planet and a safe future,
Helen Caldicott, M.D.
Host, If You Love This Planet
President, The Helen Caldicott Foundation
Board Members:    Dr. Helen Caldicott, Founding President * Mali Lightfoot, Executive Director * Bobbie Paul, Executive Director, Georgia WAND * Martin Sheen, Actor/Activist  * Steven Starr, Board Member PSR * Lily Tomlin, Actor/Activist
* * * *
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Loving This Planet
Leading Thinkers Talk About How to Make a Better World
Contributors include:
Maude Barlow
Martin Sheen
Lily Tomlin
Bob Herbert
Daniel Ellsberg
Bill McKibben
Arjun Makhijani
Frances Fox Piven
Lester Brown
Chris Hedges
Jonathan Schell
Phil Radford
Denis Hayes
Hugh Gusterson
William Hartung
Carole Gallagher
Rhett Butler
David Krieger
Michael T. Klare
Diane Curran
John Church 
Antony Loewenstein
Vini Gautam Khurana
Michael Madsen
Janette Sherman-Nevinger
Praise for Loving This Planet:
"The book is a treasure trove of anecdotes featuring high-profile politicians, academics, and celebrities, including Martin Sheen, Lily Tomlin, Bob Herbert, and Lester Brown. . . .Alongside the celebrity sightings runs the thread of a growing urgency to change our energy, environmental, and military policies in the United States and on a global scale. Surprising statistics about nuclear waste storage, rising sea levels, and military spending serve as an alarm, but Caldicott and her collaborators also offer many innovative solutions."
Publishers Weekly

“Without fail, Caldicott asks thoughtful, deeply nuanced questions, and her subjects respond with intense and often personal reflections on many important issues. With a level of intellectual discussion all too absent in our national discourse, this is a worthy collection that educates with each turn of the page.”
Ever since quitting her job as a pediatrician at Harvard Medical School in 1980, Helen Caldicott has worked tirelessly for a safe, sustainable, nuclear-free planet, most recently by hosting a weekly radio show featuring environmentalists and leading activists from around the globe.
Together with some of the most brilliant thinkers and inspiring advocates of our time, including Maude Barlow, Bill McKibben, and many others, Caldicott—whom Meryl Streep has called “my inspiration to speak out”—scrutinizes our unsustainable dependence on nuclear energy and the absurdity of nuclear arms and seeks to raise awareness about other planetary issues, including deforestation, sea-level rise, and privatization of water reserves. In these stirring conversations, we hear from Martin Sheen on the power of grassroots movements and the ability of unionized labor to influence politicians; Jonathan Schell, bestselling author and contributing editor to The Nation and Harper’s Magazine, on key environmental and economic fallacies; and award-winning nuclear engineer Arjun Makhijani on transitioning to a society based completely on renewable energy, omitting the need for fossil fuels or nuclear power.
Loving This Planet offers an informative and accessible overview of the chief environmental and social issues of our time.
Lannan Award winner Dr. Helen Caldicott is a co-founder of Physicians for Social Responsibility and was named one of the most influential women of the twentieth century by the Smithsonian Institute. She is the author of numerous books, including Nuclear Power Is Not the Answer (The New Press). She lives in Australia.
The New Press
Pub Date: Fall 2012
Format: paperback
Trim: 5 1/2 x 8 1/4, 384 pages
ISBN: 978-1-59558-806-7
Loving This Planet can be ordered from thenewpress.comAmazon.com, and BarnesandNoble.com; and purchased at bookstores.


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