Will "Smart" Household Electricity Meters Give You Cancer?

Mother Jones weighs in on smart meters. Are they good, or is Big Brother knocking on your electricity door? They had some interesting findings, worth reading about. But, the radiation issue in general, if not for smart meters, is still up in the air. To that end, as an incidental aside, look at that spike in the graph for cell phones at the ear. It would be good to find an answer to that question in this age of smart phone dominance.

The article brings up the issue of some new ways we are exposed to radiation due to changes in technology use. It's not the subject of this article, but maybe a future one?

All this being said, if we do not accept the need to actually practice efficiency, there will be no hope of ever changing our energy and environmental future for the better.

Keira Butler | Mother Jones    Jan. 17, 2011

You'd think Marin County, California, famous for its tree huggers, would be all for "smart" household electricity and gas meters. Experts say that the devices, which allow utilities to calculate your energy rates in real time instead of once a month, are an important step toward greening our Rube-Goldberg-ish energy grid. But earlier this month, the Marin County Board of Supervisorsvoted unanimously to impose a moratorium on installation of the devices, primarily because of health concerns about the electromagnetic radiation the devices emit. AsJonathan Hiskes points out in his post on the subject, health worries are only part of the debate: Some worry that smart meters will broadcast consumers' private information to utilities and businesses. Still others believe that smart meters will actually increase users' power bills.

So is there reason to fear the new system, or are Bay Area folks just nuts? I polled a few experts. Herewith, their answers to some of the most pressing smart-meter questions.

Will my smart meter give me a brain tumor?

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