Obama Seeks to Revive Space Nuclear Power

In 1964 there was a terrible accident when a satellite with a plutonium fueled generator fell to earth. As it hit the atmosphere it broke up, releasing 2.1lbs of Pu-238. In 1970 radiation monitoring services across the world found it present on every continent, at every latitude.

Karl Grossman notes in his article that: Dr. John Gofman, professor of medical physics at the University of California at Berkeley, long linked that fall-out to an increase of lung cancer on Earth. The accident caused NASA to pioneer the use of solar panels on satellites.

The use of solar powered space craft has been very successful, but as they seek a return to nuclear generated electricity here on earth, so the Obama administration seeks to revive nuclear powered space missions. Again, disregarding the risks and the costs, again seeking to bolster relations with business partners over supporting and developing a viable clean energy and fuel strategy for the future.

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Nuclear Power is not the Answer